Busia and West Pokot MCAs pass BBI bill

Busia and West pokot county assemblies have become the fourth and fifth counties to vote in support of the Building Bridges Initiative (BBI) Bill during a session on Tuesday morning.

In Busia county majority of the MCAs supported the BBI bill with only one of them opposing it.

On the other hand their counterparts in West Pokot County Assembly unanimously passed the bill.

West Pokot County Assembly becomes first in the Rift Valley region, to pass the Constitution of Kenya (Amendment), Bill 2020 to pave way for the #BBI referendum.

19 more counties are expected to pass the BBI referendum Bill as only 24 out of 47 counties are required to pass the Bill.

So far only Baringo County has rejected the Bill during a chaotic session last week.

However, section of disgruntled Baringo MCAs, majority drawn from the KANU party, have gone to court seeking to overturn the recent shooting down of the Building Bridges Initiative (BBI) driven Constitutional Amendment Bill.

This is due to the fact that the bill was not tabled in a proper manner, ignoring public participation process.

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