“Come back and save Kitui.” – Residents plead with former governor Julius Malombe

Hundreds of residents from Kitui South Subcounty on Friday visited former kitui governor Dr Julius Malombe in his rural home to demand that he comes back to salvage kitui county.

The delegation was drawn from all the wards of Kitui South (Athi, Ikutha, Mutomo, Mutha, Kanziku and Ikanga) plus Voo/Kyamatu in Kitui East.

Kitui on standstill, save us

The residents said that kitui was now at a standstill and all projects had stalled since the current governor Charity Ngilu took over.

They said Ngilu’s leadership was characterized by lies, grand looting of public resources, nepotism and political persecution.

They cited KanguKangu water project which was over 90 percent complete when Malombe left office but which has today been vandalized to the ground.

“Ikutha level 4 hospital which was also vandalized and all equipment carted away. Tumeona vile watoto wetu wanateswa na hii serikali, unwarranted transfers and intimidation. We have taken note” said another bitter resident.

They also told the former governor that out of their own volition, they had decided to seek his audience to convince him to run again in 2022, promising that they will walk to all corners of Kitui County and ensure he bags the seat.

“In churches, funerals, social places, market centres and even in streets, all over Kitui county people are saying ‘we want Malombe back’ So we have come to ask that you hear our cry. Will you come back?” Former Kitui South MP Mwangu Ivuti said.

I have heard you

When the former governor got a chance to respond, he said he has already heard the cry of Kitui residence and will consider their appeal.

Former governor addresses residents at his rural home in kitui

“I have heard what you have said. It is not within my conscience to reject your appeal. Let me assure you I am upto the task. Yes, I will be back” Dr Malombe said.

Dr Malombe said he was aware of the challenges facing Kituians since he left office,

The event was also graced by 2 former county ministers, former MCAs, professionals, businessmen, women and youth leaders. The supporters had pooled resources together and hired buses to deliver their message to Dr Malombe. There were also teams from other areas with kitui county.

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