Farmers counting losses as flock of birds invade farms in Kitui

A flock of birds has been invading and destroying crops in parts of Kitui south for some weeks now, farmers in the area have asked the county Government of Kitui through the department of Agriculture to use aerial spraying to kill them before causing more harm.

Speaking to, residents of Kitui south especially at Kasaala in Ikutha sub-county, and Mutomo revealed that they are likely to experience a great loss of their produce especially for green grams and Cowpeas, millet, and sorghum hence causing famine if urgent measures are not taken to vacate those birds.

“Those birds are new in this area, we do not know where they are coming from. They are of the same size as Weaverbirds. They have a long tail and they come in a group,” a local farmer at Mutomo location disclosed.

They revealed that the normal old methods they have been using to chase those birds like the use of scarecrows, beating drums, and whistling, are tiresome hence and not helping them out.

“They come in large numbers occupying the whole farm, we try to use our normal methods but those birds are not afraid of that, so we are confused about what to do,” he added.

Last week, Kitui Government Agriculture CECM Emmanuel Kisangau accompanied by Kitui deputy governor Dr. Wathe Nzau visited the area and examined the way those birds are destroying farms promising to ask for reinforcement from the National government especially for an aeroplane to do aerial spraying.

They visited several farms in Kasaala, Ikutha sub-county noting that urgent measures are needed to secure farmers in Kitui South.

This comes nearly 2 weeks after a swarm of desert locusts believed to have flown from Tana River county, invaded farms in Kitui south leaving the locals with fear of great losses.

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