Football and other Contact sports to remain suspended as Kenya prepares guidelines for the resumption of sports

The ministry of Sport, culture and Heritage has prepared the guidelines for the resumption of sporting activities..

The guidelines draw heavily from protocols published by the Ministry of Health to control the spread of the virus.

Here are some of the guidelines,

Respective Sports Organizations must ensure they disseminate information about covid-19 as released by the ministry of Health to athletes, officials and staff.

All organizers and venue operators should appoint a Covid-19 contact persons and Response team

Ensure availability of hand washing facilities, alcohol sanitizers and Gun thermometers at the training and competition centres

All venue operators should ensure safe environment

Officials and staff working in sports venue during events will all have to take covid-19 test

Handshake and hug to celebrate are prohibited.

Exchange and Sharing of uniform is prohibited

Body temperature checks of all persons shall be checked at the entry to the venue. Anyone with a temperature of above 37.5 Will not be allowed into the sporting venue.

Below is a summary table showing which sporting activity has been opened and which one remains closed.

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