Former Nairobi DG Jonathan Mueke garners countywide support for Kitui gubernatorial seat

As the 2022 electioneering period beckons, Kitui electorates have continuously played their role of scrutiny and gauging of the possible candidates for Kitui Gubernatorial seat, with them differentiating the maize and chaff. In this, majority have had the way, with the Kitui Musangis settling for the former Nairobi City Deputy Governor, H.E Jonathan Mueke.

The galant son of Kitui, has hyped his political dream and game to unmatchable level, leaving his political rivals limbering helplessly, in a rude shock and in dilemma. Kitui residents refer to Mueke as a development industry, young, benevolent, suave, honest and promising leader who’s a force to reckon with, in not only county level but also national politics. He has highly assisted Kitui residents in their communal and personal affairs since when he was DG upto date, trying to solve especially the problems of water, power, schools’ facilities, health, religion, etc..this, making him a man loved by many. Jonathan has played different roles in private and public sector management where he has been credited with several honorary awards due to his examplary performance, a leader with vast knowledge skills in leadership and administration.

Mueke mingling with residents at a past event in mwingi

A brief about his academic credentials, Jonathan Mueke enrolled at Wayne State University in the United States and majored in Bsc. Computer Science and minored in Business Administration. He then attended Oakland University for an MBA, double Major in Global Information Technology and Entrepreneurship. During his undergraduate years, he served as the organising secretary for the African Students Association.

In 2005, Jonathan Mueke fled back to Kenya, his motherland country. He immediately lobbied for the Westlands Parliamentary seat in Nairobi, where he lost closely to Fred Gumo of the ODM Party. By that time, Jonathan was only 30 years of age. He then retreated to private sector and business untill 2013, when he became the first Deputy Governor of Nairobi City County.

Jonathan Mike dancing with mwanzenge primary school pupils where he supported the school financially in construction of a classroom

With his capacity and capability in leadership, Mueke empowered youth, women and people with disability (Pwd) groups through securing them grants and loans across the Nairobi County. As the DG, Mueke stood tall for justice and service delivery to Nairobi residents and county workers. Mueke, also improved and empowered the welfare of the Jua Kali business sector in Nairobi and created a conducive environment where the small business people like hawkers would earn a living to feed their families.

Jonathan Mueke also participated widely as the Deputy governor in improving the health sector where the number of government hospitals was overwhelmingly increased, Education where he provided full scholarship bursaries for needy students, where majority of them came from Ukambani, both Kitui, Makueni and Machakos. He also provided job opportunities for the Kamba community in Nairobi, with some of our sons and daughters getting senior positions in his government which he served as the Deputy head.

Mueke during a prayer service in Kitui west

Jonathan Mueke and the hopeful 2022 Kitui County Governor is someone with reliable and traceable history, an history of inspiration & hope for generations and generations. A leader who believes in empowerment, a society impactor.

Mueke is now ready to translate Kitui’s dreams to reality, fully equipped to lead a revolutionary campaign that would see the greatness of our motherland county being realised and understood for BETTER. Mueke is said to have plans of majorly banking on youth vote, having with him a youthful candidature that is shedding light to the young and old generation.

To his indecisive, irresolute and wailing critics & rivals, Jonathan Mueke remains an enigma, paradox and mystery of the highest order, with some planning to quit the gubernatorial race and leave it be a one horse race.

The history, attached with samples and achievements, makes the young 44 Year old Jonathan Mueke the undisputable Kitui’s favourite and choice for 2022 Governor, #LeadershipYouCanTrust.

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