“I regret joining politics,”- Governor Mike Sonko

Embattled Nairobi City County governor Mike mbuvi sonko has said that he really regrets joining Politics.

In a tweet where he had shared a video of president uhuru addressing people in Kikuyu language during the 2013 campaigns, the governor said joining politics was one of the worst decisions he has ever made.

“I swear! Haki yaki ya Mungu tena! I regret joining politics. It was one of the worst decisions I have ever made.” Sonko Said

He went ahead and said he will pray for God to forgive him for his ignorance and abandoning his people.

“I pray that God forgives me of my ignorance that led me to abandon his people in the wilderness after being forced by circumstances. Mungu nisamehe. Tomorrow lies in your hands and because you live I can courageously forge forward.” Sonko tweeted.

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