I will appoint the youth and women in my government if elected, ex Nairobi DG Mueke reveals.

Former Nairobi County Deputy Governor Jonathan Mueke on Saturday revealed that he will give the youth and women an opportunity to run Kitui county. He said that he will appoint youth and women in his government if elected as the next governor.

Mueke who has already begun his campaign for Kitui county top seat, said he believes in the leadership of young people and women who should always come first when it comes to empowerment

He said it is high time to involve young professionals to allow them get equal opportunities in government to address numerous problems facing the youth.

“It is high time for the youth of Kitui to be given equal opportunity in politics and development of this county. That is why I might even pick a woman aged below 35 years as my deputy,” said Mueke

Mueke addresses the young professionals at Kitui resort in Kitui town

Speaking in Kitui town while meeting a group of young professionals from across the county, Mueke said the youth form 75% of the current voters in Kenya and are the backbone of the nation and ought to be given equal opportunities to run government affairs.

A group photo of mueke and the young professionals.

He added that the future of Kitui county lies in its youth and it was time for the old folks to quit the political stage and allow the young generation to take a center stage in Kitui affairs. Mueke promised to form a government of professionalism if elected in 2022.

Earlier mueke had visited Mwingi and met with grass root leaders, the clergy & small business owners from all sectors.

They discussed on how to transform Kitui County into a center of excellence by fixing the perennial water shortage, create jobs, grow small businesses as well as empower youth and women.

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