Journalist Catherine Wambua Loses Father As Kitui Hospital Becomes Death Valley

A top journalist with Aljazeera Television Network is mourning the passing on of her father who lost his life after exposed and suffering doctors at Kitui level IV failed – understandably – to admit him.

Catherine Wambua – Soi who comes from Wikililye area in Kitui county took to her Twitter account to narrate the ordeal visited on her father who could not be admitted at the facility as doctors and nurses who lack Personal Protective Equipment (PPEs) were also afraid of losing their own lives. Sadly, the old man lost the fight days later. (May his soul RIP)

“Latest from Kitui general hospital. Dad not admitted because there are no PPE kits and doctors/ nurses (are) understandably afraid. How is it possible in a county with Kicotec? Something needs to give,” Catherine lamented in a tweet that was also tagged to governor Kaluki Ngilu.

The tweet drew condemnation from a cross section of Kenyans who expressed their displeasure with governor Ngilu’s runaway incompetence.
The medical officers at the facility that has lately become a death trap have been suffering for long since the emergence of COVID 19 because they are not provided with PPEs to guard them against the risk of contracting the novel Coronavirus.

As such, the doctors and nurses across Kitui County have vowed not to risk their lives by exposing themselves to the virus, in what exposes the county government’s failure and incompetence. Many patients are suffering at the hospital desks with zero or minimal attention from the disillusioned medical officers.

The health facilities lack medicine and consumables, with the only available drugs being paracetamol.

Despite being the most highly funded docket, the health department has no substantive CEC. All the funds allocated to the department are allegedly looted dry, leaving hospitals and doctors sick. 

Ngilu has been roundly condemned by Kitui residents in all corners of the county and Kenyans in general for lacking foresight, competence and ability to run the county health sector. Needless to say, no other sector is functional in the fast sinking county.

The lack of PPEs and sanitizers for health officers is ridiculous, given that Ngilu boasts of having created Kicotec godown to produce the items. Other than lacking PPEs, also established that no health facility across the county has received sanitizers that are also said to be manufactured at the garment godown that is privately owned by the governor but which operates from the public kitty.

“Hakuna sanitizers kwa hospitali yoyote. Tembea ujionee. Madaktari hawana PPEs yet she runs around hosting national government officials and showcasing those items to give the impression that the county is secure and well catered. What a hypocritical charlatan,” complained a doctor working at a hospital in Kitui West.

Below is the tweet from Catherine Wambua

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