Mueke will be a president before kalonzo – former Mombasa senator Omar Says

Former Mombasa Senator Hassan Omar has said that Jonathan Mueke, Nairobi’s first deputy Governor might be Kenya’s president even before Kalonzo Musyoka.

Speaking at a meeting that brought together leaders from Kitui county and 15 MCAs who were joining the UDA party from other parties, Hassan said that they have joined a party where the leadership was kind and warm.

“You are closer to having a president here. Kalonzo, we will not live to see the day that he will be president. But if you invest in Mueke you will live to see him become president. When we do away with tribalism and after 10 years of Ruto’s presidency, we will be a big national party. You will only need the endorsement of UDA to be 6th president after Ruto.” Hassan said.

“Our brother William Ruto uplifts the youth and that’s why God is lifting him. I have never had a bigger voice in political formation like the way I have in UDA just like every Kenyan.” He added.

The former Wiper Secretary-General also took a swipe at the Government over the deportation of Harun Aydin for what he says was caused by his close association with Deputy President William Ruto.

This country is not personal property, we want economic freedom. The hustler nation has defended the Kenyan constitution and will defend the integrity of all Kenyans.”He went on.

Speaking at the function, Kitui East MP Nimrod Mbai also took a swipe at the people who he says were selling fear to Kitui leaders that if they meet the Deputy president they will not be elected. Mbai dismissed them saying he was elected on a Jubilee ticket in a Wiper stronghold.

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