My leadership will ensure we tap our minerals: Jonathan Mueke assures kitui residents

Former Nairobi Deputy Governor and Kitui County gubernatorial aspirant Jonathan Mueke has emphasized on the importance of exploiting the mineral resources in Kitui County as a solution to the economic stagnation in the region.

Speaking last weekend in Kanziko area, Mueke stressed on the need for increased mineral explorations and mining activities in Kitui County. He gave an example of the cement-rich region of Kanziko, the iron-rich Ikutha and Tiva regions, coal-rich Mui Basin, and copper-rich Mithikwani area in Kitui West.

“Increased large-scale mining activities in Kitui will not only create jobs for our people, increase business, but also add up to our domestic revenue, which is rather low,” he said. “If you give me a chance to lead the county come 2022, I shall make it a priority to revive our mining sector,” he added.

Mueke addressing residents in kanziko over the weekend

He repeated the same message at the AIC Ikutha, Kitui South, where he had been invited as the chief guest during a fundraiser to build the Ikutha Theological College.

“Many thanks to Kitui AIC Assistant Bishop, Rev. Masumba for inviting me to fellowship with his AIC Ikutha church as they raised funds to complete the Ikutha Theological College,” said a humbled Mueke, “This bible school shall offer Pastors various courses that will build their capacity to serve the Lord more effectively.”

“I look forward to visiting the new Ikutha Theological College once it is complete,” he added.

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