Open Letter To Governor Ngilu: Kitui Is Fed Up, Resign or Get Crushed

Greetings from this end madam governor. Allow me to give u the salutations, to pamper your ego because soon the voter will strip u off the title. And all the niceties.U ask why? No u don’t. At least you shouldn’t.

Since you took over, Kitui has been restless, chaotic and is now teetering on the brink of crushing collapse as one big mess.You have overseen one of the most corrupt,  incompetent and vague administrations this side of Sahara. Your empty and vague slogans have turned out to be a big disappointment to all.

Today you have no support anywhere in the county. Not even in your offices where your staff curse you silently for being an epitome of failure and maladministration. Trouble with you madam governor is that you are simply a thief! You are not only a thief of public resources but one who steals everything without caring about the aged, lactating mothers or even children.

You sweep everything on your way as your monumental greed tears like a tornado at the sight of public money, hence the moniker Mama Kivanguli.

For two years now,  you have proved to be a con artist, fraudster, thief, and unmitigated liar. Above all you are awfully incompetent. Recently I watched with both shock and pity as you struggled to jerk your old, frail body while addressing an uninterested crowd somewhere in Mbitini ward. You decorated your colourless speech with dreary eyes, flaccid body jerks but No, Nobody clapped for you. Nobody ululated for you. It was all deathly silence as you turned, screamed and howled vanities.

That should tell you something. That kitui is fed up with your bullcrap theories and now want out. In your colourless show, you blamed some people for holding u back. But No,  nobody is holding you back. Only your incompetence, greed and lack of wits are holding you back. The residents even reminded you that the project u were launching is funded by World Bank. That was to ask you “What is your government funding? Where are your projects? What have u done with development funds?” zero!And now Kitui residents want out. They want to be divorced from you and your incompetence. Divorced from your gargantuan theft. Divorced from your monumental greed.Kitui is fed up. Kitui is restive. Kitui is rising against you mama,  or is it Susu!Run Susu, run,  for your aged life. We are coming for you. Resign or wait to be crushed. Merciless so!

Yours truly

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