Prisoner succumbs to breathing difficulties at Kitui Police Station.

The Kitui County Security Council is fighting to suppress news of a prisoner who succumbed to breathing difficulties inside the Kitui Police Station cells today, in the early hours of the morning, just a few hours after an officer from the same station succumbed to similar symptoms!

Our sources established that the prisoner had been in custody for several days, and had reported chest pains and breathing difficulties on Tuesday this week. However, it is not clear whether the prisoner recieved any medical attention or not.

The story took another twist however, when officers from the station drove the body to the Kitui Level 4 Hospital morgue and booked him only as a resident of Majengo, Kitui Township. According to mortuary reports, the body was brought in at around half past one in the morning, and the police never gave any further details as to the nature and suspected cause of death. They also omitted to mention that the deceased had died in their custody.

Police sources informed that an emergency meeting was held at the Kitui County Commissioner’s office between 3am and 6 am to deliberate on the matter. All the top security officers were in attendance, according to our sources.

Our investigations have revealed that the deceased had been detained at the Kitui Police cells, pending his plea for a defilement suit. The Kitui Township sub-chief Mr. Kabede, speaking to us over the phone, confirmed the news of the death; identifying the deceased as Mr. Abubakar Yusuf, who had been in police custody for some days prior to his death.

The Kitui Level 4 hospital mortuary staff have denied having any prior knowledge of the circumstances leading to Mr. Yusuf’s death, arguing that the police did not give them much details about the deceased, apart from the entry on the official morgue book that the deceased hailed from Majengo in Kitui Township. They expressed shock in the fact that such a mysterious death would just be booked as any other body, especially during this period of the Covid-19 pandemic.

“We don’t have PPEs, we don’t have body bags either,” disclosed one morgue staff who sought anonymity for job security’s sake, “In the unfortunate event of a covid-19 case, we can’t even safely handle the body here

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