Reclaiming The Kamba Heritage and Inheritance

Just as a child might have several things to play with, and suddenly out of the heat of the day the child goes to sleep, that seems to be the Akamba. With all the blessings the community has, if they sleep for too long, the siblings or friends will come and take all the toys and use them for their own game. Then while the sleeper is still sleeping, the other children use the toys as they wish. If the sleeper does not wake up soon enough the other children begin to claim the toys as if they were theirs for themselves.

The Akamba community is more than 4 million in Kenya and has perhaps been asleep. It needs to wake up now and quickly for it has not been cursed. Look and find out any evidence of what a curse is before declaring it is exists. You will note that whenever Akamba have rallied together, even in the recent history they have come up on tops. Look at the development of the clothes, and fruit factories. Look at the development of new techniques to build roads quickly! Look at the food production model developed in Yatta! The famines are only ascribed to Akamba by others. Yes there has been drought but Ukamba is not central. We still find means out of our land despite drought. No doubt we could do better.

Rising up
As a community we need to stop propagating the negative views of ourselves. It is time to begin to positively affirm ourselves by reclaiming our heritage and inheritance from all the Diaspora and in the South Eastern Region made up of our three counties. We all need to begin to reclaim and shape our identity, solidarity, community sovereignty in line with the Akamba Creed!

The call of our time
We then need to reshape leadership right from the household level, by affirmation and strengthening value, virtue, and principle in leadership. We then need to invest in our human resources for higher level leadership in the professionals, in technology, education, trade, and commerce. No one will reclaim this for us lets together unite and rise up.

One might wish to rethink and reflect on the fact that even with all the trust Indians and others have given us the lowest jobs. One would propose that we consider the following aspects and reclaim them for our renaissance.


Identity has to do with the conveying of uniqueness through defined sets of attributes unique to and or unique in.

In this regard, Akamba can change the narrative of the current identity to a new identity. By doing that, the
Akamba would reinforce their identity guided by systematic principles.

Solidarity is descriptive of the social integration in a community the basis of the order of community cohesion, interrelatedness with its target of concern for reciprocal togetherness.

In expressing solidarity from this perceive provides opportunity to derive attributes and criteria to strengthen solidarity. In this case it is possible with this definition to craft a vision and a goal for reengineering new engagement in Akamba solidarity.

Sovereignty is defined where connectedness of community members to one another, with a way of open trusting communication with each other, connectedness to a shared ideals (idea); and synergistic connected to clear community leadership that provides room, space, scope and motivation for growth and pursuit for continual renewal.

In this regard, the work initiated by APEX in Ukamba ad the responses to “The Call of Our Times can reengineer the basis for reinvigorating and disseminating the aspired attributes sovereignty of Akamba.


“Nyie ni Mukamba Kivindyo ula wisi ng’ondu yi mwana. N’ola wisi kuthembea Ngai mbua yue, nekaua. N’ola wonaa undu wi muisyo nakalea kuwika. Notetikila kwika mundu ungi nai Nundu Ngai nowene. N’ola wisi musingi mutae ndakiaa mbusya” (Ndambuki 2016, 70).
This creed has many components that described the Mukamba identity thus:
Nyie ni Mukamba Kivindyo ula wisi ng’ondu yi mwana – Unapologetic unequivocal, irrevocable recognition of self, that has identifiable origin of the spirit, soul, life and body. This was an expression of self awareness, self-affirmation of undisputable acceptance of an identity and origin with values linked to spirit world and sense of dignity.
N’ola wisi kuthembea Ngai mbua yue, n’ekaua – religious devoted unquestionable link to highest deity, to which worship is due.
Nola wonaa undu wi muisyo nakalea kuwika – discerning/prophetic, self will to turn away from wrong evil, corrupt action, voluntary choice to refute wrong, injustice, immorality.
Notetikila kwika mundu ungi nai Nundu Ngai nowene –Integrity, caring, peaceful, God fearing.
Nola wisi musingi mutae ndakiaa mbusya – given and focused to mentor, train, to ensure sound upbringing of their children, young people to be courageous/bravery/bold, perseverant
This creed has all ingredients of Identity, Solidarity and Sovereignty. A short version of it is used by the Akamba Community of Uruguay Paraguay as an expression of who they are thus; Kamba Cwa! Mukamba Kw’a is one that is refined, solid, and unequivocal in the knowledge of who they are as individual and as community!

“Kivindyo” means undisputable to the core. This was a statement of self declaration and affirmation that pointed to recognition of how Mukamba is linked to spirit world of a deity that is a creator.

“Ng’ondu” was a ritual sacrifice to the source and origin of the spirit, soul, life and body. The ritual was given as a solemn offering of thanksgiving and recognition of sanctity of life. It portrayed the parental and community commitment to the protection of sanctity of life (of mother and child, clan and tribe).

This creed signified the recognition of individual’s identity and right to life, dignity. It drew out solidarity and devotion not to shed innocent human blood or take life. It upheld the sovereignty of communal togetherness. The creed was just not oratory, but rather a statement of moral proposition. It was a pint of allegiance which caused father, mother, household, communal leadership and community as a whole to rise to a positioning of what defined one’s identity in its origin, continuance and legitimacy and loyalty to the community.

Akamba, we can reclaim our heritage and draw on our inheritance to rise from the ashes! There is much hope yet for us now than before.

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