The kamba community is not cursed, the poverty status is artificially created

John Maxwell in his book on leadership says that everything rises and falls on leadership. Our kamba leadership should unite and build from the unity of purpose for sustainable development of the kamba people.

The goldmines and the gold minds available in kambaland is more than enough to build enough fortune for posterity. Our human capital should be exploited at prime age. It must be understood that poverty increases with decrease in the level of education of the household head. This advises the community to invest in education with our eyes glued on creativity and innovation.

Our virgin land is fertile enough to envisage food security and end famine in kambaland. We should stem dependency on rain-fed agriculture and seek to exploit opportunities available for irrigation farming. The rivers traversing kambaland justifies viability of this venture.

Kambaland enjoys the longest section of Nrb – Msa highway. This road is equivalent to a moving city and therefore an opportunity for the kamba community to invest along.

We should register our land and acquire Title deeds as collateral to secure loans. This would have been achieved long time ago because we have had kamba ministers of land with every opportunity to do it.

The kamba community is not really cursed. Our poverty status is an artificially created challenge which can easily be overcome. Let us build resilience against all adversities to rise from grass to grace.

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